This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857806



The overall aim of the MUSIC project is to facilitate the further introduction of intermediate bioenergy carriers by developing feedstock mobilisation strategies, improved logistics and IBC trade centres.

More specifically, the objectives of the MUSIC project are:

  • To increase the uptake of intermediate bioenergy carriers through development of advanced and strategic case studies with economic actors (industries) committed to implement the results.
  • To develop and/or expand existing and future trade centres, either virtual or physical.
  • To assess the technical and non-technical aspects of biomass feedstock mobilisation with the purpose to develop dedicated feedstock mobilisation strategies.
  • To determine the best, cost-effective solutions for logistics along the entire IBC value chain, from raw unprocessed biomass to IBC end-users.
  • To involve, engage and support regional stakeholders and market actors, from the primary production sector, industry and beyond.
  • To evaluate framework conditions (legal, institutional and political) to identify key barriers and enablers.
  • To provide advice to policy makers at national and regional level to serve as input for more informed policy, market support and financial frameworks.


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