This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857806

Pyrolysis oil production and upgrading

Using renewable feedstock from Nordic forest industries to produce pyrolysis oil and upgrading it to advanced, drop-in marine biofuel

Sweden and Finland - Pyrolysis oil production

In recent years the first plants producing pyrolysis oil (PO) on commercial scale have started operation in EU, including the EMPYRO plant in Hengelo (NL). PO market development currently concentrates on Sweden and Finland. Sweden has set a policy to phase out the use of palm oil and to promote the development and use of domestic forest-derived fuels.

Due to the changing structure of the industry the Nordic forest industry generates increasing amounts of unused sawdust and other residues. This underutilised biomass is excellent feedstock for PO production.

In the advanced case study, in close cooperation with project partners Biofuel Region and Green Fuel Nordic the logistics and feasibility of a long-distance value chain starting with PO production at various sites in Sweden and Finland and ending with PO upgrading to advanced marine biofuels at a site in the Netherlands will be assessed in detail.

In the strategic case study, an expansion strategy comprising additional PO production at multiple sites in Sweden and Finland, and PO upgrading at one or more sites in the Netherlands or a neighbouring country will be researched.

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