This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857806

News & Events

MUSIC Webinar - Prospects for Microbial Oil and lipid based SAF, 27 Feb. 2023
MUSIC Workshop - Prospects of biocoal for the metallurgical industry, 15 Feb. 2023, Ghent - Presentations available.
Press Release - MUSIC publishes Pyrolysis White Paper
MUSIC Final Dissemination Workshop - The Role of Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers, Brussels, 23 November 2022 - Presentations available
MUSIC Hybrid Seminar - Prospects for Pyrolysis Oil for Advanced Biofuel in Shipping and Aviation, 24 Nov. 2022, Brussels - Presentations available
MUSIC Event: Bio-economy in a net-zero European Industry, Leipzig, 30-31 May 2022 - presentations available
MUSIC Workshop - Use of Advanced Biofuels to Decarbonise Maritime Transport, 12 May 2022 - presentations available
MUSIC Webinar - Disruptive bioenergy technologies: delivering decarbonisation of industrial processes, 22 February 2022
Press Release - 8 November 2021 - MUSIC Regional Stakeholder Workshops completed
MUSIC Webinar: Energy Intensive Industry: Using Biomass to Reach Carbon Neutrality by 2050, 26 October 2021
Press Release - 20 September 2021 - MUSIC Regional Stakeholder Workshops
Webinar: Agricultural Residues Valorisation - Opportunities with Torrefaction, 20 September 2021
BIOFIT Industry Forum on Bioenergy Retrofitting of Refineries, 17 June 2021
Virtual workshop: Co-Processing as Route to Deployment of Advanced Biofuels Production - 14 April 2021
Press Release - Research & Innovation needs for Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers (IBCs)
Webinar 7 April 2021 - Torrefaction: Opportune time for Development
Webinars on Bioenergy Technologies
Press release - 19 December 2019
MUSIC Kick-off-Meeting

MUSIC publications and reports

YearLanguageAuthor(s)TypeTitle (download)
2023EnglishCasini D., Talluri G. et al.White PaperBiochar Industrial Applications
2023EnglishDavides B., Reumerman P. et al.ReportMUSIC Final Report
2023EnglishSiegfried et al.ReportNational Strategies and Recommendations
2023EnglishSiegfried et al.ReportEU Level Strategies and Recommendations
2022EnglishSiegfried et al.ReportEngagement workshop format(s) and content. Version 4: Evaluation and Dissemination Workshops
2022EnglishReumerman P.ReportGuidance Document for IBC Project Development
2022EnglishWild M., Gauthier G., Calderon C.White PaperTorrefied Biomass
2022EnglishReumerman P., Vos J., Lammens T.White PaperFast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil
2022EnglishTalluri G.White PaperMicrobial Oil
2022EnglishReumerman P. et al.ReportSet of four Strategic Case Studies (Public Edition)
2022EnglishPanopoulos et al.ReportOnline tools/apps for facilitating regional biomass trade
2021EnglishCalderon et al.ReportSurvey on IBC industry’s perspective on drivers and barriers
2021EnglishChristou et al.ReportSoftware and tools for selected MUSIC case studies
2021EnglishReumerman P. et al.ReportSet of four Advanced Case Studies
2020EnglishPfeiffer et al.ReportMethodological Framework for Stakeholder engagement and mobilisation
2020EnglishJanssen R., Colmorgen F., Vos J., Richters M., Calderón C., Wild M., Talluri G.ReportMarket uptake of Intermediate Bioenergy Carriers - A summary for policy makers
2020EnglishBuffi M., Talluri G., Chiaramonti D., Moosmann D., Vos J., Kaisa V., Reumerman P., Matisons M., Christou M., Calderón C., Cancian G. L., Van der Stricht W., Kainulainen V. ReportEU and national regulatory framework: present and future developments
2020EnglishPfeiffer A., Kupfer M., Mertens A., Thrän D.ReportDescription of IBC Market Potential
2020EnglishVos J., Vikla K., Reumerman P., Matisons M., Christou M., Panopoulos K., Kardaras G., Buffi M., Chiaramonti D., Calderón C., Wild M., Bianchi D., Kainulainen V. ReportSeries of PowerPoint presentations on lessons learned from earlier projects
2020EnglishPfeiffer A., Mertens A., Thrän D.ReportSet of stakeholder factsheets
2020EnglishPfeiffer A., Mertens A., Thrän D.ArticlePublication of results as an open access review article
2020EnglishPfeiffer A., König L., Thrän D.ReportEngagement workshop format(s) and content
2020EnglishChristou M., Tsiotas K., Buffi M., Trombi G.ReportInventory of software and tools for biomass sourcing and biomass supply chains
2020EnglishReumerman P., Vos J., Matisons M., Kainulainen V., de Vris R., Schrumann J., Buffi M., Panopoulos K., Kardaras G., van der Stricht W.ReportRegional Bioenergy settings in the case study regions
2019EnglishJanssen R., Colmorgen F., Kern M.FlyerMUSIC Flyer
2020Greek FlyerMUSIC Flyer
2020Swedish  FlyerMUSIC Flyer
2020Finnish Flyer MUSIC Flyer
2020Italian FlyerMUSIC Flyer
2019EnglishP. Reumerman, K. Vikla, J. VosRoll up bannerMUSIC Roll up banner

Related publications and reports

YearLanguageAuthor(s)TypeTitle (download)

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